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The NWPC-550 Power Control Package

From Northwest Rail Electric

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Power Distribution Control for Existing Generator SystemThe NWPC-550 power control package is designed for cases where a generator control already exists, but a power feed system designed to be compatible with the HEP power system is desired.

This includes:

This particular package pictured here is also equipped with a main circuit breaker. The circuit breaker can be accessed through a hole in the lid of the NWPC-550 housing. The circuit breaker on the NWPC-550 is optional, in the event that the generator or other existing equipment has a circuit breaker.

Inside the NW-PC550

Other Generator Control Packages:

We strongly suggest that, if you do not have a generator control system currently in place on your railroad car, that you consider purchasing one of the Northwest Rail Electric generator control systems, such as the GC-130 Series Power Car Generator Control or the NW-GC-500 Passenger Car Power Automation and Power Selection System. Many generator controls are simply not designed with the railroad passenger car industry in mind, and make it exceptionally difficult to handle system monitoring from inside a moving train, or are not designed to avoid nuisance faults caused by vibration.

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