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NW-GC500 Generator Control

and Power Management System with HEP Feed Option
from Northwest Rail Electric

The NW-GC500 is a series of generator control systems for passenger car electrical lockers designed to allow for selection between accepting power from the HEP trainline, the on-car generator, or yard power (yard is optional). Additional model variations allow for yard power at either 480 volts, 240 volts, 220 volts or 208 volts. Automatic controls allow for the generator to start and power the car electrical system automatically in the event that the HEP power fails. If yard power is an option, then the generator control will also automatically operate the generator if the yard power fails. The HEP feed setting of most models of the NW-GC500 series will allow the on-car generator to feed the HEP trainline.

An Adobe Acrobat version of the brochure for this product is also available in our PDF Files area.

Our current version features a new electronic control that integrates engine meters into the engine control unit. This significantly reduces the size of the control panel, and allows for mounting in cramped electrical lockers. Our current version is also fully compatible with the electronic systems on today's generator engines.

Standard Features of the NW-GC500 series of Controls:

Optional Features of the NW-GC500:

The Old Style NW-GC500 is Stil Available!

It is still possible for us to make any of the older style NW-GC500 series of generator controls. However, the new microprocessor based system allows for more flexibility in a smaller package, and is required for generators with an electronic engine interface.

An alternative system to the NW-GC500 is the GC-155 series of generator controls, which does not have any of the automatic power transfer features of the GC500. Instead, it is designed to provide power directly to the HEP power system. It is used in power cars and other cases where only a HEP feed package is desired.

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