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The NW-GC155 Generator Control

From Northwest Rail Electric

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The NW-GC155 package is designed to control an on-car generator where the primary goal is to feed power to the HEP trainline system. It is designed for generator car use only. It can only power the trainline for the HEP system, and is not designed to also directly feed the circuit breaker panel inside the car. It is possible to use the NW-GC155 to power a single car, but only by powering the HEP trainline first. For those requiring a more sophisticated control system, including automatic start and operation when the HEP system fails or the HEP trainline is disconnected for switching, please see our NW-GC500 package.

While Northwest Rail Electric generator control packages may be adapted for use with a number of different type of generators, our standard system is designed to work with Stadco Generators, which meet the requirements of railroad passenger cars very well.

Note: The systems shown here are only several examples of this package, which has been produced for over 14 years. A number of variations have been produced for different generator sizes, voltages, manufacturers, and HEP configurations.

Electronic Generator ControlGenerator Control Panel
The generator control on the left is a fully electronic version of the NW-GC155 complete with engine data logging and built in battery voltage, generator output voltage, and current. The package on the right is for older generator sets that do not have an electronic interface.

Features of the NW-GC155:

The generator control package shown here does not have automatic start and switching of the generator power. An alternative Northwest Rail Electric Generator Control, the NW-GC500 package, is designed for situations where the generator is used as a back-up power source, and selection between multiple sources of power is needed.

An Adobe Acrobat version of the brochure for this product is also available in our PDF Files area.

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