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NW9290 HEP Main and Transformers

for older passenger cars with 240 volt systems

by Northwest Rail Electric
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See where our equipment is located on a typical passenger car

Example NW9290 Transformer Rack
An example NW9290 Transformer Assembly.

Over the years, a number of passenger cars have been built with 240 volt, 220 volt or 208 volt three phase electrical systems. The reasons for this varied. Some isolated tourist systems used a 240 volt HEP system because it was cheap to implement. Under-car generator systems were frequently installed that were 240 volt or 220 volt. Yard power systems of all three voltages still exist, particularly on the east coast.

Today, however, 480 volt three phase power is the standard HEP voltage.

The NW9290 was designed to convert these existing lower voltage cars to 480 volt HEP compatibility. This single transformer assembly includes 480 volt to 208, 220 or 240 volt transformers, with a HEP main circuit breaker that locks the lid closed when it is turned on.

Although the same basic components are used on each NW9290, the specifics of each assembly change based on voltage, current, and mounting rack that is required under the car. Therefore, while this is a "custom product" in the sense that we need very specific detailed information on each application, it is also true that we have built quite a large number of these.

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