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NW-4 Rooftop HVAC Unit

including heat

by Northwest Rail Electric
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See where our equipment is located on a typical railway passenger car

Drawing of the NW-4
The NW-4 came from a desire to produce a rooftop unit that fit certain unique passenger car space requirements on the roof of a particular car design, with it and other rooftop systems hidden by cowling on the completed car. Soon afterward several other customers decided the unit fit their unique passenger car rooftop air conditioning needs as well, and today these units have joined the ranks of our regular product line. Among other features, the unit is designed to provide air into a duct running the length of the car, rather than crosswise as most railway rooftop units do. This allowed certain heritage passenger cars to have rooftop air conditioning systems without extensive rebuilding of the duct work.

Features include:

Photograph of the NW-4
An NW-4 system as built and ready for shipment.

NW-4 on Passenger Car
As installed on this railroad business car, the NW-4 is covered by venting, cowling, and other roof equipment making it not just unobtrusive, but nearly invisible.

Call Northwest Rail Electric to see if this unit meets the needs for your passenger car. Assorted variations, including zero-ODP refrigerants and other voltages, are under discussion with customers right now.

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