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NW-CND-2 Railroad Car Air Conditioning Condenser

by Northwest Rail Electric

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See where our equipment is located on a typical railway passenger car

Railroad-Grade air conditioning condenser
NW-CND-2 under-car condenser from Northwest Rail Electric

The NW-CND-2 is specifically designed to meet the needs of railroad passenger cars. Unlike our popular NW-100-CN series of condensers, there is no compressor, as the NW-CND-2 is designed for situations where the existing compressor is satisfactory for the needs of the car but a new or improved condenser is required. Such situations have included:

Features of our condenser include:

Options Available:

NOTE: The 72 volt DC version of this air conditioning condenser may be used to replace an existing system on an RDC or similar 72 volt DC passenger car. However, modifications will be required to the structure that holds the condenser frame.

We also offer a version with a single fan: the NW-CND-3, which is usually used to add capacity to an existing system.

For most passenger car rebuilding projects our NW-100-CN series of condensers offer a better solution as they include the air conditioning compressor as well as the condenser coil and pressure switches all in a single unit. THe NW-CND-2 Air Conditioning Condenser, however, has found a place in a surprising number of passenger cars where just an air conditioning condenser was required.

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