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Our NW-GC-500 series of generator controls has gone through a major revision. While it is still possible for us to build the old models of the NW-GC-500 series described here, the new model has new features that we feel will be of interest to more of our customers. The data here is for the older style NW-GC-500, for those who prefer the look and feel of those units, or who already have several of the older style NW-GC-500 on their passenger cars and would prefer to have the same equipment on all of their cars.

NW-GC-500 Passenger Car Generator Control

and Power Selection System with HEP Feed

Photo of NW-GC500 series generator control panelAt right is a photograph of the controls of the NW-GC-500. The NW-GC-500 series of generator controls are systems for passenger car electrical lockers that are designed to allow for selection between accepting power from the HEP trainline, the on-car generator, or yard power. Automatic controls allow for the generator to start and power the car electrical system automatically in the event that the HEP power fails. Variations on the system include the ability to check for trainline loop complete and feed the HEP system from the under-car generator, power selection from yard power at either 240 or 480 volts, and various other options.

An Adobe Acrobat version of the brochure for this product is also available in our PDF Files area.

Features of the NW-GC-500:

An alternative system is the GC-135 series of generator controls, which does not have any of the automatic power transfer features of the GC-500. Instead, it is designed to provide power to the HEP power system. It is used in power cars and other cases where only a HEP feed package is desired.

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