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NW-BEOH Passenger Car Overhead HVAC compartment

by Northwest Rail Electric

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See where our equipment is located on a typical railway passenger car

Heating, Venting, and Air Conditioning Overhead Package.

In recent years, we our standard model has become the new NW-BEOH-C unit that is more compact, has a three speed blower design that adds to passenger comfort by reducing air flow when needed, and is better able to handle static pressure in air conditioning ducts due to the new blower design. We have essentially completely stopped building the unit described here due to a lack of demand. We can still produce the units described here, but highly recommend the more Compact unit due to the greater flexibility and higher static pressure ability. Most customers prefer the smaller size and greater flexibility of our Compact Version BEOH-C unit. However, for those who prefer our older style units or have a fleet of cars with the older style units already installed, these remain available.

Overhead HVAC package for retrofit in a railroad passenger carThe NW-BE-OH series of HVAC parts are specifically designed to suit the needs of railroad passenger cars. Features Include:

An Adobe Acrobat version of the brochure for this product is also available in our PDF Files area.

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