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NW-BEOHC Passenger Car Overhead HVAC Unit

by Northwest Rail Electric

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See where our equipment is located on a typical railway passenger car

Blowers, Evaporator, and Overhead Heat package for railroad passenger cars

Overhead HVAC package for retrofit in a railroad passenger car

Our NW-BEOH series of HVAC evaporator units are specifically designed to suit the comfort needs of railroad passenger cars that require a split system, as typically installed in a rebuilt heritage passenger car. Our standard NW-BEOH is still available. Howeer, in 2003 we introduced our new overhead ucompact version featured here. Customers generally prefer the increased resistance to static pressure in the ductwork and better balancing of the newer blowers, the smaller size, and the mounting flexibility offered by the NW-BEOHC series described here. Within a year of its introduction it became our standard overhead package by sheer force of popularity with our customers. Features of this unit include:

While the vast majority of passenger car rebuilds are able to use our NW-BEOH-C described here, there are some situations where customers require custom evaporators or condensers. If you think you may need a custom system, please take a look at some examples of custom HVAC equipment we have built over the years.

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