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NW-BEOHC Passenger Car Overhead HVAC Unit

by Northwest Rail Electric

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See where our equipment is located on a typical railway passenger car

Blowers, Evaporator, and Overhead Heat package for railroad passenger cars

Overhead HVAC package for retrofit in a railroad passenger car

Our NW-BEOH series of HVAC evaporator units are specifically designed to suit the comfort needs of railroad passenger cars that require a split system, as typically installed in a rebuilt heritage passenger car. This evaporator offers a reduced height, increased resistance to static pressure in the ductwork due to a different blower design, and blowers with up to three speeds. Features include:

While the vast majority of passenger car rebuilds are able to use our NW-BEOH-C described here, there are some situations where customers require custom evaporators or condensers. If you think you may need a custom system, please take a look at some examples of custom HVAC equipment we have built over the years.

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