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NW-64-CN Passenger Car Air Conditioning Condenser

by Northwest Rail Electric

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See where our equipment is located on a typical railway passenger car

Photo of NW-64-CN series Air Conditioning Condenser
This air conditioning condenser package is designed specifically for the rigors of railroad service. As a general rule, most passenger cars are best modernized with variations of our NW-100-CN or NW-125-CN condenser packages.

However, there are certain cases where a smaller condenser makes sense, and for those cases we have the NW-64-CN. It can be adapted to a number of different capacities by changing the specific compressor used. In production since approximately 2001, a variety of versions of this unit have been built to satisfy an assortment of railroad passenger car needs. We rate the condenser at essentially 5 tons, though more or less capacity may be obtained by ordering the system with various compressor or other options.

The smaller size is a good fit for some narrow gauge cars, where the space under the car is limited. It has also been used on certain smaller tourist cars that were converted from freight cars, and in a number of cases it has been used to provide air conditioning on certain track maintenance, combine baggage, and other cars where the passenger space is fairly small and therefore only one section of the car needs air conditioning. These have also been used in situations where the cooling needs of the car requires splitting the car into a section at each end of the car, with one condenser and one evaporator at each end. In a few cases, a singe NW-BEOH-C Overhead Evaporator Package has been combined with two of these smaller condensers due to air conditioning staging needs or very limited space under the car for the condenser package.

The package is built with the same railroad-grade rugged construction as seen in our NW-125-CN series of condensers and is designed specifically for mounting under a railroad car, but in a smaller capacity and physical size for those cases where less capacity is needed.

As seen in the photo above, the standard package comes with a well proven hermetic compressor that we have used in a wide variety of railway passenger car systems, with hundreds of these compressors in service and operating very successfully. It is currently not possible to order this condenser with a compressor from any other manufacturer as an option due to the physical limitations of the frame, but if requested we may be able to create a custom variant that is able to accommodate a compressor from another manufacturers.

Standard units are three phase, with the most popular version operating on 480 volt three phase standard HEP voltage. 240 volt 3 phase versions have been made. While it is more expensive to do so due to the more complex electrical system we are also able to build this package as a single phase 240 volt unit if required. Available options also include hot gas bypass capacity control built into the condenser.

Dimensions of NW-64-CN
Dimensions shown may vary slightly due to manufacturing tolerances and use of different condenser fan motors. The model shown here is a single phase 240 volt version. Three phase versions have a smaller control box due to the lack of starting capacitors and other electrical equipment unique to single phase versions.

Various Uses of the NW-64-CN:

Virtually every single use of these condensers has been somewhat different. However, it seems that this unit has filled a nice void in the railroad car air conditioning condenser market.


While the basic model number is NW-64-CN, the specific model number will vary due to different compressor or other features added. Please consult Northwest Rail Electric to determine which model is best for the specific car you would like to air condition.

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