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NW-25100 Passenger Car Electrical Locker Package

From Northwest Rail Electric

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An Adobe Acrobat version of the brochure for our NW-25100 is available in the PDF Files area of our web site.

Photo of Entire Locker PackageTypical Older Style Control System

The NW-25100 passenger car electrical package is designed to be a fairly small, yet complete, power control center for use on coaches and other cars with a simple electrical demand and conversion or updating to operation at 480 volt, three phase power is desired.

A wide number of variations are available to suit a variety of passenger car configurations and needs. Standard options include electronic controls (below) or industrial temperature controls (left and right).

Programmable Logic Controller Version of Passenger Car HVAC Control System
This system is available in several size patterns. The unit shown at left was produced to suit the needs of a business car on a major North American freight railroad company. It is 18 inches wide, by 74 inches tall, by 8 inches deep from the back of the panel to the top of the highest control knob, when the control panel is closed. Space does needs to be provided for opening the hinged control panel cover for installation and maintenance, but the system does fit very well in the depth provided by most existing heritage electrical lockers, even small spaces such as the interior control locker of RDCs. Pictured at above center is the control system used in some fairly recent models, which is a programmable system and display with a considerable number of features and options available. At right is the control system beside the circuit breakers rather than above. Below and connected to the 480 volt circuit breaker panel is a power management system which allows the system to connect to two parallel (Canadnian style) HEP systems.

The NW-25100 has a long record of providing exactly what most heritage passenger car conversions need, and the features and different styles available have continued to evolve to suit new desired features from our customers and a desire to continually improve our products.

At below right, a model from 1998 is shown. The features of the NW-25100 are adjusted to suit the particular needs of cars and the various desires of their owners, meaning that many different slight variations have been produced over the years. These are only a few examples.

Newer style NW-25100

The features of the NW-25100:


We also have a two-zone version NW-25200 available, for dome cars or other situations where two control zones are desirable.

The NW-25100 may also be incorporated into custom control panels and complete locker packages of various types. See our Custom Locker Packages for some examples of custom packages that use these as part of a larger custom package, as well as other custom electrical packages for railroad passenger cars.

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