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Northwest Rail Electric
E-Mail Addresses and Contact Information

2630 SE Steele Street, Portland Oregon 97202
(503) 231-4808, fax (503) 230-0572

Please note we are on Pacific Time (3 hours earlier than Eastern Time; 9 am in New York is 6 am here).

Electrical Locker PackageGenerally, there is someone here by 6 am, but 8 am to 5 pm are our official office hours.

If you want to send us e-mail, please call ahead before you do so. There are several reasons why this is desirable:

Here's how to use this e-mail address list

1. Select one of the following names from the list, depending on what you need

2. Type or copy and paste that name into the To: line of your message.

3. Follow it with @nwrail.com to get it where it needs to go.

Wayside HEP Power System


Quite a lot of answers to questions about railroad passenger cars, how we can meet the needs of those cars, basic system design and features information, pricing information on HVAC systems and electrical locker packages, and a host of railroad passenger car expertise.

Help with billing, purchase orders, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and various paperwork issues. Also a contact when a parts order is ready in will call at your will call counter.

Electrical engineering, system diagnosis, and electrical control questions.

Questions about our HVAC systems (except control systems, in which case use apettengill), excluding pricing and availability (for pricing use rjackson )

Shipping and shipment tracking information, pricing information on HEP connectors, wire and certain other parts. Also a contact when a parts order is ready in will call at your will call counter.

Web site design, some HVAC design information, some electrical system information. Also a contact when a parts order is ready in will call at your will call counter.

Telephone Contacts:

If you call us after hours, and would like to leave a message in a particular telephone voicemail box, here is a list of the most relevant voice mail boxes.

Other E-Mail Addresses:

The following e-mail address does exist, but is heavily guarded against garbage e-mail and therefore legitimate messages sent to it may get accidentally weeded out. If at all possible, use the above method, as it gets the e-mail directly to the person you want to get it to.

  • nwreweb@gmail.com
  • This e-mail address directs mail to the Northwest Rail Electric web site editor. GMail filters out unwanted messages, as well as some messages that may be valid, and therefore sometimes messages sent to this address will not arrive. Please call or send us a fax to us to verify that your message was received.

    General Contact:

    Northwest Rail Electric
    2630 SE Steele Street
    Portland, Oregon 97202
    (503) 231-4808
    Fax (503) 230-0572

    Thank you for your interest in Northwest Rail Electric products.

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