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Custom Dual Generator Power Package

From Northwest Rail Electric

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This dual generator package was built for a customer that required two Stadco Railgen generator systems mounted on top of each other, with a control system that would feed either 480 volt power, 208 volt power, or both at the same time. In addition, one generator set was to act as a backup unit for the other generator set, with the back up generator starting automatically in the event of the primary generator failing.

A look inside the control box. The control panels on the left are for generator monitoring and control. Directly above that, to the far right, the top of a battery charger is visible that keeps the starting batteries of both generator sets charged. This battery charger runs off of either externally provided yard power or from either of the generator sets.

Here is a closer look at one of the generator controls. The generator control system includes indication of battery charging voltage, oil pressure, and coolant temperature. The large meter in the center of the generator control monitors output power of either the 480 volt or 208 volt power feed systems. Automatic shut down in the event of low oil pressure, high coolant temperature, and various other conditions is provided.

The power distribution control for this generator system included various indicator lights and selector switches. Understanding what the various controls do does not at all require a degree in rocket science.

Each of the control panels is individually removable, and is connected to the rest of the system with connectors. To make removal and assembly easier, the receptacle is mounted on to the enclosure with a bracket.

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