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Adobe Acrobat-format Brochures

of Northwest Rail Electric products

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These are approximately the same brochures that we distribute at the various conventions and meetings relevant to tourist railroads, railroad museums and railroad passenger car owners. In order to produce a faster download time, they have been stored in a compressed form of Adobe Acrobat, which means that some of the photographs and other images on the pages won't be quite as good as in the original documents. The files are in Portable Document Format (Adobe Acrobat), most being in version 3.0 for best portability and compatibility. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, please see the Adobe Web Site for information on how to obtain a free copy of the required file viewing software.

Some of these files are Large!!!

and will take some time to obtain if you are on a slow connection. Also, some of them have photos that are very slow loading once the PDF has been downloaded. If you would prefer that we mail you a copy (e-mail or postal), please let us know where to send it.

As these are the same pamphlets that we distribute at the trade shows and conventions, these are intended to be printed as front and back pages, and then folded to form the brochure. Therefore, typically, the first page of the file actually consists of the first page and last page of the brochure, and the second page of the file actually contains the middle of the brochure. You will understand better when you view the documents.

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