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The YPHP Yard Power Unit

From Northwest Rail Electric

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See where our equipment is located on a typical railway passenger car

The NW-YPHP series of yard power packages is designed to feed 480 volt, three phase power from a line side facility to the train through the HEP system or special "yard power" connector available on some passenger cars. These systems may be referred to as "Yard Power Units", "Wayside Power Units", "Wayside Power Systems", "Wayside Power Panels", "Shop Power", "Ground Power" or a number of similar terms. Providing standard utility power to the train for maintenance or layover is far cheaper (and quieter) than running on-car generator sets or providing HEP power from a locomotive.

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We are undergoing a reorganization of our web site, and a new page describing our NW-YPHP series of yard power units is located here.

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